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  • 85% of doctors liked the Bioide Saliva Test Kit

    The Bioide Saliva Test Kit was presented at the International anti aging conference in Madrid 3. October 2015.


    A survey at the conference revealed that almost 100% of the doctors that participated like the new Bioide Saliva Test that will make it possible for people to discover their hormone levels from the comfort of their home.

    Asked if they would consider prescribing the Biodie Saliva Test to their patients:
    Yes 85%
    No 4%
    Unsure 11%

    The saliva test kit reveals if the an anti aging treatment with bio identical hormones should be recommended to the patient. 

  • Marbella Te Quiero 25-01-2015

    Presentation of Bioide on Marbella Te Quiero TV show. Presentation starts around 22 minutes into the program.

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